March 16, 2019
Gambling in the Civil War
Mansfield State Historic Site
Mansfield State Historic Site

A Soldier Vice: Gambling in the Civil War, 2-3 pm
Soldiering during the Civil War often produced long bouts of boredom and tedium, allowing games of chance an opportunity to flourish. This program will take a closer look at some of these “games” and reveal what field commanders thought of them; General Robert E. Lee, for example, was known to express particular disapproval of gaming in his camps (imagine Lee spotting you holding a card with his image on the pip side of the three of hearts!) So come and learn a thing or two your teachers didn’t tell you about the life of a Civil War soldier!
Mansfield State Historic Site is located 3 miles south of Mansfield, Louisiana, on Hwy. 175.
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