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Chimp Haven
8500 Mike Clark Drive
Keithville, LA 71046
(318) 925-9575
Chimp Haven

At Chimp Haven we believe we’re not that different, humans and chimpanzees. Chimps have personalities, emotions and relationships, just like us, and we’re on a mission to connect them to the happy healthy lives they deserve. That’s why we’re providing and promoting personalized care for chimpanzees (most of whom were retired from biomedical research) by helping them, for their remaining years, live a good life – the chimp life.

Outside Shreveport, Louisiana, on 200 acres of beautiful, forested sanctuary, nearly 300 chimpanzees, many of whom were used in biomedical research, are living the good life — or, as we like to call it, the Chimp Life. Chimp Haven is located 22 miles southwest of Shreveport, on 200 forested acres in the Eddie D. Jones Nature Park in Keithville, La. Chimp Haven is close to both Keachi & Stonewall in DeSoto Parish.