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Confederate Memorial Cemetery
237 Highway 172
Keachi, LA 71046
Civil War Memorial Cemetery - DeSoto Parish

Graves of fallen soldiers in the Civil War. On Highway 172, one mile West of Highway 5 intersection in Keachi.

The cemetery is the final resting place of more than 100 Confederate soldiers, many of who died in local makeshift hospitals following the April 8, 1864 Battle of Mansfield, fought not too many miles away.  That battle was the last major Confederate victory of the Civil War and, with the Battle of Pleasant Hill the following day, led to the defeat and retreat of federal forces that had tried to capture Shreveport to knock Texas out of the war in a campaign planned personally by U. S. President Abraham Lincoln. 

The Keatchie Confederate Cemetery is on state Highway 172, about a mile west of the crossroads at Keatchie in Desoto Parish